I have given up a life of comfort and dullness to pursue a life of uncertainty and excitement… All I know is that I need to paint… that is it.
— Brent

Born in 1985, Brent grew up in Seattle, Washington and received a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona. Upon graduating he went on to earn a Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Louisville.

Before practicing a single day of dentistry, and with the burden of school debt, Brent took a chance and chased his love of painting. His winding path and life experiences have strongly influenced his body of work: his struggles with school debt have manufactured the series “Minting Money”, his realization of mortality and value of time have created the series “Frivolous Pursuits”, and now, his pursuit of internal passions in the face of external influence has inspired the series, “Perpetual Recess.”

With Frivolous Pursuits, Brent focused his attention towards the universal symbol of mortality: the skull. Having actually dissected a human skull, Brent’s pieces stem from his very intimate connection to the fragility of life. This work helps to remind us to take advantage of every moment of our lives; life should be rewarding and enlightning and not be sacrificed for material pursuits.

Perpetual Recess features oil paintings of childhood stuffed animals, and other nostalgic characters which take viewers back to where dreams begin. Perpetual Recess reiterates the importance of maintaining a sense of playfulness and excitement.

In total, Brent’s work pays ode to the struggle and evolution he has experienced as a human, and artist. He hopes that this story, told through his works of art, will inspire others to negate the small road blocks and pursue what excites them… what undeniably makes them as happy as possible.



- Mugello Contemporary Gallery

- Artsy



- Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA


- Context ArtMiami, "Perpetual Recess" w/ Mugello Contemporary, Miami, FL

- Longines Masters, w/ Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA), Long Beach, CA 

- Context New York, "Perpetual Recess" w/ Mugello Contemporary, New York, NY

- 212 Arts, "Anniversary Exhibit", New York, NY

- CASS Contemporary, "20x16" Tampa, FL

- Smile Design Gallery and Bernard Hopkins, "The Art of Boxing Charity Event", Las vegas, NV


- Context ArtMiami, "Perpetual Recess" w/ Mugello Contemporary, Miami, FL

- Mugello Contemporary, "Maxillo Cranial Facial" solo show, Los Angeles, CA

- Hotel Croydon Art Basel, Miami, FL

- The Billionaire Club Private Art Mansion Show, Miami, FL

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- Reddot Art Basel w/ Axiom Contemporary, Miami, FL

- Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Tim Faulkner Gallery solo show, Louisville, KY


- Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica, CA

- Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA

- Brit Week Los Angeles, CA 

- Lionel Rombach Gallery, Tucson, AZ